April 16, 2012

Bend Over Ex-Boyfriend

This short was published a week ago - just updating the blog now!  Bend Over Ex-Boyfriend is a contemporary story of pegging.  Caroline is a dominatrix, and her job takes an exciting turn when her ex, Aaron, shows up in her dungeon.

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Half an hour later, Caroline was dressed in a tight black suit, the pencil skirt emphasizing the length of her legs. Her stockings had a back seam that ended in five inch stilettos. A bit of a lacy black and red bra just showed over her suit jacket. She wore a strip of black lace across her eyes. Caroline paused outside the interview door and looked through the one-sided glass. A man was sitting with his back to her, broad shoulders defined against the bright light shining on him. The room looked, as it was meant to, like an interrogation chamber. He’d been staring at the cuffs and toys and whips on the table for the last fifteen minutes, and hadn’t bolted. Caroline glanced down at the file in her hands and pursed her lips. This one was a neophyte, completely new to formal BDSM. Still, he was pretty open to various acts, interested in hot wax play, and . . . She raised her eyebrows . . . Pegging. She glanced at the figure in the room. He wanted to have his ass violated, hmm? Technically, she didn’t do any anal training, direct contact with genitalia was over the line into prostitution. Still, it was useful to know what clients dreamed of, and sometimes a dom would risk a brush with illegality for a client. Caroline never had, it didn’t seem worth it. Maybe she’d make him insert something in himself, though.
She rolled her shoulders back and opened the door, entering with a prowling walk and a bit of a hip swagger that guaranteed his eyes were on her ass and trailing down her legs. She settled into a chair and crossed those legs, showing off her heels. Her potential client’s head was hanging down, and Caroline leaned forward a bit, careful to stay behind the bright light so he got a good look at her body but just an impression of her face. He seemed somehow familiar . . . She looked down at the file again and flipped back to the first page, scanning for his name. She found it just as his head came up.
Caroline almost fell out of her chair. She felt like she’d been sucker punched. The man in the chair blinking into the light was Aaron. Aaron, who just got engaged last Christmas. She’d found out online. Aaron, the guy she’d loved since the first day of college. Aaron, who broke her heart. Her fists clenched and she stayed dead silent, unsure if she wanted to run from the room or launch herself at him to - to what? Hit him? Kiss him? The silence dragged on as Caroline wrestled with herself, and finally he cleared his throat hesitantly.
“Hi, I’m Aaron,” he said, the end of the statement almost trailing into a question. Caroline got a grip. It was clear from his posture and expression that he had no idea who was sitting across from him. He was staring at her legs, though. She crossed them the other way for his benefit, and answered in a low voice, the one she’d been cultivating for clients. She doubted he’d recognize it.
“So I see from your application,” Caroline hesitated. Well, she’d hadn’t fled the room yet, might as well see it out. “You’re interested in engaging a dominatrix?”
“Yeah,” he said eagerly, and licked his lips. She could see them moving over her skin, trailing down her belly as his fingers worked inside her. Goddamn fucking Aaron. Of all the gin joints . . .
“I’m very sexual,” he continued. Well, she could vouch for that. “I’d like to try something new, something a little rougher. I’m just not satisfied with my sex life.” Caroline instinctually dropped her chin to hide her smirk. So the little lady friend he was marrying didn’t satisfy him in bed? Interesting.
“I see,” she said. “It seems that you’re interested in a wide variety of kink.” She glanced through the checklist, and her eyes snagged on a word. Bingo.
“Next to ‘pegging’ you’ve indicated that your interest is high. You’d like to be fucked up the ass?”

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