April 16, 2012

Forbidden Lust

Forbidden Lust was also published last week.  It's a contemporary erotica short with themes of Halloween and cheating.  Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords


She slipped out as soon as she’d washed her hands and paused for a second outside, and then instead of taking a right and going back down the stairs she turned left and stepped into a little hall, and leaned against the wall. She needed to sober up if she wanted to drive home. What had it been? One beer and three shots, but some fries in there too . . . and it had been about two hours . . . so she needed a little time still. Laura sighed and decided to go back downstairs and get another glass of water, but suddenly he was there, standing in the open doorway with his head cocked to one side, the wolf mask shadowing his face and making him look oddly menacing.
“So that’s where you went. Are you feeling ok?”
“Yeah, just a little dizzy. I think I might go home soon.”
“Well you can’t drive yet,” Elliot said, sounding concerned.
“No, I was thinking maybe in about an hour . . .”
He’d moved and was suddenly much too close. She took a step back and came up against the wall.
“Where’s your girlfriend?” Laura asked, a last ditch attempt to stop the inevitable. It did stop him from getting closer for a moment.
“She left with her roommate right around when you got here. They’d been drinking since three this afternoon.” He was playing with her hair, his right hand wrapping a strand around his fingers and then tugging gently before smoothing it back behind her ear. Laura was finding it hard to breathe. Elliot knew how much she liked having his hand in her hair, holding her still for him to kiss, not letting her kiss back so that she whimpered against his mouth. She put her hands on his chest.
“We can’t. You don’t really want to do this, you never really want me, you just want sex.” And she pushed at him, which was about as effective as shoving the wall behind her would have been. She stared down at the ground, and to her horror felt herself starting to pout and her eyes getting suspiciously wet. Oh no – she shoved him again, somewhat harder, and he stopped playing with her hair and grabbed her wrists instead.
“What’s wrong?” he asked, surprised. She muttered something incomprehensible. The feeling of his fingers holding her wrists was very distracting, so she didn’t feel so much like crying. Or trying to get away. He held her pinned against the wall, and she could feel that he was already hard, his cock curved and pressing into her hip and her stomach. He leaned down as though to kiss her and she turned her face away, as he had done to her so many times before and tried very hard not to think about what she wanted him to do to her.
“Yes, I want sex. I want to fuck,” he said in her ear, his tongue flicking along the curves of it. He nibbled the earlobe and then bit a little harder, so that she gasped and moaned, inadvertently pushing her hips against his.
“I want to fuck you. I want to kiss you and then I want to go down on you right here in this hall and take off your panties and lick your clit. And after you come I’m going to take you home and fuck you for hours. And I know you want it too.” He released her right hand and reached in-between her legs, sneaking a finger around the edge of her panties. He chuckled in her ear.
“I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this wet before. Did you miss me that much?” She made an indignant noise and reached for the hand that was tickling her pussy, but he slipped a finger inside her and started stroking her inside and she just grabbed his forearm instead, moaning. 

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